BlackSwan Demo

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  • The Web Demo (left) shows BlackSwan monitoring a realtime metric (Bytes Received by the MARSOD Database) using a modified version of the ForecastX algorithm.
    • The Green Time Series (top) shows the incoming metric values.
    • The Red Time Series (bottom) shows the predicted Anomaly Scores.
    • Periods containing an annomaly are labelled with a text promt.
    • The Anomaly Scores Limits (y axis of bottom graph) changes dynamically with the currently shown Anomaly Scores.

  • The Terminal Demo (right) shows BlackSwan working in a Bash Shell.
    • Logs containing training and evaluation timestamps are shown in Green.
    • Logs containing the currently executing module are shown in Blue.
    • The output paths for these logs can be configured by the provided config files.

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